Mini Aliaj Fermier Masina Aliaj De Inginerie Auto Tractor Model De Jucărie Vehicule Agricole Centura Băiat Jucărie Mașină Model De Turnat Sub Presiune Simulare Auto

42.79lei 77.82lei

Foto Real

  • brinquedos: brinquedos menino
  • Numărul Certificatului De: No
  • Covor De Jucarie: Jucarii Pentru Copii
  • Caracteristici: turnat sub presiune
  • Numărul De Model: No
  • Tip: Masina
  • Intervalul De Vârstă: > 3 ani
  • Playmobil: Mass Effect
  • brinquedo menino: juguetes educativos
  • Certificare: 3C
  • jucarii pentru copii: Turnat Sub Presiune Vehicule
  • Material: Metal
  • Coduri de bare: No
  • Avertizare: a se păstra departe de foc
  • Navă/Navă: Alte
  • Scara: 1
  • Nume De Brand: HeLIC Max
  • 3C: Certificat

Etichete: tractorul de la ferma, Porsche, aer de primăvară camion, Model De Masina, fluture nas, mack mcqueen, tractor, cresc led, fermier tricou, aer șoc.

Koren Diana
супер модельки ребенок доволен
Interesting thing. Some details are too small and often flattering. And in general, very good. Some metal parts
Simply Yhods
fast shipping!! really cute toys. seems as a great value for money. one of the tractor has rear wobbly tires but nothing that my 2.5 years old would care for a minute. : ) the seller even sent a nice card.
The toys look good, feel good. They came packaged in a polystyrene box (which is a very good protection measure). Shipment in 30 days. It's a great bargain for 10$.
Dada 21 87
Collected well. At the nephew Dr in a month, and while I play myself) you can take.

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