Berserk Figma 410 Negru Swordman 359 Figurina De Colectie Model De Jucărie


Berserk Figma 359 Negru Swordman figurina de Colectie Model de Jucărie Dimensiune: aproximativ 17cm/6.5 inch Mărfuri material: PVC Condiție:1 00% Nou

  • Avertizare: NICI unul
  • Intervalul De Vârstă: > 8 ani
  • Mfg Număr De Serie: Asamblare/Montaj
  • Marionete De Tip: Model
  • Material: PVC
  • Dimensiune: M
  • Soldat Accesorii: Soldat Produs Finit
  • Control De La Distanță: No
  • Tema: Film & TV
  • Numărul De Model: Berserk Figma 359 Negru Swordman Figurina Jucarie
  • Tip De Element: Model
  • starea: În Stoc
  • Scara: Berserk Figma 359 Negru Swordman Figurina Jucarie
  • Versiune Tip: Prima Ediție
  • Gen: Unisex
  • De Animație Sursa: Vest Animiation
  • Origine: NC(de Origine)
  • Mărfuri Atribut: Periferice
  • Finalizarea Gradul: Produse Finite
  • Dimensiuni: 6.5 inch
  • Ambalaj Original: Da

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The seller after paying all my purchase wrote to me to tell me that if I wanted the figure I had to pay you more because of the current situation as it took a lot to send it, and this was for me to pay it to He personally instead of paying for it by AliExpress, I say if you want to charge more for it that you put it in from the start and don't say it later if you paid it all and on top with shipping costs
Dzhemalov Andrei
Great product, beautiful!

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