Lemn Jig Pocket Gaura Jig Auto-centrare Verticală Burghiu Ghid de Localizare Perforator Tamplarie Unelte pentru prelucrarea Lemnului


  • Nume De Brand: toohr
  • Origine: NC(de Origine)
  • Dimensiune: 140x68x10mm
  • Tip: Masini de gaurit
  • DIY Consumabile: Prelucrarea lemnului
  • Cerere: Lemn Instrument De Lucru
  • Pachet: Cutie
  • Numărul De Model: Lemn Jig

Etichete: lemn unelte pentru prelucrarea lemnului, rindea jig, taladro optic, instrumente de tamplarie cleme, r lemn, cutii de scule, bit burghiu, outillage, cutie storag, instrument de lemn.

As seen in pictures, I was surprised as it is made of resistant metal, I thought it would be fragile but on the contrary, it's even a little heavy, I would have liked you to bring 4 stops but you only bring 3 but that's how it comes out in the description of the article, the shipment was quick. (I arrive in about a month and a half since I ordered it just when there was a truck stop in chile and then patriotic parties) but if I like me very much.
Valeryn Ch To
perfect quality very fast shipping i really recommend

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