HB366481ECW Acumulator Pentru Huawei Honor 5C/Onoare 7C/Onoare 7A Pro /honor5C honor7C honor7A Mobil Bateria

24.16lei 39.62lei

Baterie Telefon mobil HB366481ECW Pentru Huawei Honor 5C/Onoare 7C/Onoare 7A Pro Onoare 5C/7C/7A Pro Numărul de Urmărire

  • Nume De Brand: KiKiss
  • Compatibil Marca: Huawei
  • Original sau Nu: Compatibil
  • Origine: NC(de Origine)
  • De Certificare A Calității: ce
  • Capacitate baterie(mAh): 2801mAh-3500mAh
  • Numărul De Model: hb366481ecw
  • Certificare: CE

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Con Coronel
What about the battery itself, it seems that everything is fine, suspicious easy, but it seems to be enough for 7-10 hours of active load. But a set of tools is useless. T2 screwdriver cost instantly. It did not work with its help to replace. So take a note, it is likely to have to be bought separately!
Ghulam Abdullah2003
As native!

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