VinylBDS Culoare Solidă Fotografii Fundaluri Fundaluri Abstracte Pentru Studio Foto Bumbac Lavabil Fundal


  • Stil: Copii
  • Pachet: Da
  • Material: Microfibra
  • Numărul De Model: LL00280
  • Tip: Spray De Vopsit
  • Nume De Brand: VinylBDS

Etichete: ecran verde, roata roaba, Fondul, fundal ecran verde, Fundal, fondul titularul mici, largă de fotografie, fundaluri, alb fundal verde, studio foto accesorii foto, greenscreen.

I put two stars on it because it's not bad, it's nice, although it looks nothing like the color of the photo, there you see bluish tones and this is more olive green. Which I like, but my bad valuation is for communicating with the seller and the overkill shipping time. I ordered it on Nov. 11 with estimated delivery date from Nov. 27 to december. Ten days later they canceled the order without giving me any explanation, as much as I asked the seller. They sent me another one again (I guess so because tracking the order started again ten days after I asked for it. And I finally got here on December 18th. I understand that there are delays and more for the dates, but the seller half answered me several times without answering my questions. Of why it was canceled, and why the new shipment was completely stagnant in the country of origin. On top I thought it was a Kate backdrop article and in the background the brand is not printed on the pocket for fund holder background s

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