Crap Pescuit Momeala Larva Atrage Pop Up Maxi Bloodworm Moale Momeală De Pescuit, Momeală Căzi De 180 Bucata

24.37lei 33.40lei

Pop-Up Vierme în Cutie Cantitate: 180 Bucata - Galben Dimensiuni L 30 bucata Galben - Marimea M 30 bucata Galben - Marimea S-30 bucata - Rosu Dimensiuni L 30 bucata - Rosu Marimea M 30 bucata - Rosu Marimea S 30 bucată Caracteristică: * Ambalare în cutie de plastic * Fiecare dimensiune în compartiment separat * Vierme miros * 100% Pop-up

  • Nume De Brand: hirisi
  • Origine: NC(de Origine)
  • Categorie: Carp Bait
  • Poziția: Rezervor Iaz
  • Tip: Momeală Artificială
  • Numărul De Model: vierme

Etichete: la pescuit nada, hirisi pescuit la crap sta, carp hook, carpfish, carp pop-up, corpul silicon nada, pescuit bivvys cort, pește crap, pește swinger, artificiale bloodworm.

A grade
Delivery to Minsk from payment to receipt-24 days. The quality is excellent, three types of size, yellow and red, soft pleasant silicone, floating (floating). In appearance and to the touch are as realistic as possible. There is a weak smell, not hard chemistry, but still. I think it makes sense to rinse thoroughly in a soap solution and a box too, and then dry. Carp fish is careful, it is better to exclude unpleasant surprises in the form of a lack of poklyovki fishing because of incomprehensible fragrances. Favorite shop ++++++

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