Anime Eroul Meu mediul Academic Kirishima Eijiro Scurta Rosie Peruca Cosplay Boku no Hero Academia Costum de Halloween Par Sintetic Perucas

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  • peruca cosplay anime: costum de halloween peruca
  • Componente: Peruca Sintetica
  • Nume De Brand: Crefrifuly
  • Material: Sintetic
  • Material De Calitate: Temperatură Ridicată De Fibre
  • culoare: roșu
  • Tip De Sursă: anime
  • Utilizare Specială: Costume
  • Gen: BĂRBAȚI
  • Caractere: Kirishima Eijiro
  • peruca: Eroul meu mediul Academic peruca
  • Tip De Element: Accesorii
  • Numărul De Model: QX-110

Etichete: păr uman peruca, atac pe titan, mha kirishima, atac pe titan, nezuko papusa de sex, mediul academic eroul meu, killua, menajera costum cosplay anime, rezero, anime intimă accesorii.

it's a really nice wig but you have to style it a lot,this is how it looked before and after styling (I didn't use it for Kirishima)
The wig came quickly enough, everything is perfect, as in the description. So far, it has not been put in the right form, because I'm waiting for a suit. But already tried on, everything fits. Thank you
Nastya Kivenko
The wig is well sewn, good clove) by the way, you can find my TT-ice_shoto) soon there again will appear)

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